About us

Spain boasts a rich and varied selection of shoot locations which are safe and easy to access, along with some very attractive tax incentives which make this country an exceptional destination when it comes to film, television and publicity shoots.

Spain Film Commission is a not-for profit association launched in 2001 which is leading the way when it comes to branding the country as a destination for film-making and audio-visual shoots, coordinating the efforts of Spain's extensive network of film commissions and film offices located across the country.

The entity is one of the founders of the European Film Commission Network [EFCN], a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International [AFCI] and also actively collaborates with the Spanish government, national institutions and film production companies to further consolidate audiovisual activity.


  • To coordinate the network of film commissions and film offices
  • To promote Spain internationally as an audio-visual shoot destination
  • To mediate with the central, territorial and municipal administration in order to promote the film industry
  • To work with the public administration on the creation of an efficient tax incentive system
  • To create new international markets
  • To boost film-related tourism

Board of directors

The board of the Spain Film Commission's is made up of the following members:

  • Carlos Rosado Cobián - President - Andalusia Film Commission
  • Juan Manuel Guimeráns Rubio - Secretary - Valladolid Film Office
  • Víctor Lamadrid Hernández - Vice-president - Cantabria Film Commission
  • Natacha Mora Yanes – Vice-president – Canary Islands Film
  • Teresa Azcona Alejandre - Vice-president - Aragón Film Commission
  • Carlota Guerrero Barnaus - Vice-president - Catalunya Film Commission
  • Pere Clavería Vilar - Treasurer - Terrassa Film Office
  • Dimas González Bennett - Spokesperson - Santiago de Compostela Film Commission
  • Agustín Atxa Picaza - Spokesperson - Bilbao-Bizkaia Film Commission
  • Pedro Barbadillo Rank - Spokesperson – Mallorca Film Commission
  • Sara Sevilla Aragón - Spokesperson - Navarre Film Commission
  • Ángeles Vacas – Spokesperson – City of Madrid Film Office 


Spanish Association of Film Commissioners - Spain Film Commission
Avenida Alcalde Luis Uruñuela 1
Palacio de Congresos FIBES. Mod.- 41-45
41020 Sevilla, Andalucía
CIF: G-91136770
National Association Register: 168752