End of the Conference about Shootings and Film Tourism


The Patio Herrerianio Museum has hosted once again the second edition of the Conference about Shootings and Film Tourism, in particular this morning it held its second day dedicated to Portugal.

Juan Manuel Guimerans, director of the Valladolid Film Commission, has moderated the first session, aimed to deepen in the most interesting aspects of “Funding of co-productions and international shootings in Portugal” and, specifically, exploring lines of collaboration with Spain in audiovisual terms. He has pointed out that “Portugal is a country that is committed to attract international shootings. And specially this year, where Portugal has been the main character in many cultural, social and political events in Valladolid. Also, with the creation of Cencyl+, a network of Spanish and Portuguese cities who are aimed to collaborate in the framework of the Interreg V Program”.

Nuno Fonseca, member of the Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual and specialist in co-production and tax incentives policies has expressed that “Portugal has co-production agreements with more than 70 countries and is opting for the emerging markets”. In concern with the co-productions with Spain, he has highlighted the different elements that since 2017 make the Portuguese tax incentives more attractive, including the possibility that Portugal subsidizes up to 20% from the cost of the whole project.

During his turn, Helena del Barrio, technician in the Oficina Europa Creativa-Cultura in Spain, has declared that “Europe values specially the development of new business models through innovation. In particular the funding subprograms encourage the creation of new formats with an intensive use of technology and focused to the development of new audiences”.

Manuel Claro, coordinator of Europa Criativa and Media Desk Portugal, has shared some details of the work that this office does: “We do not work with local projects, we are interested in projects with a high capacity of movement within Europe, and we are present in the reference markets with the local producers”.

The second panel of the day “Film Tourism. Shootings and tourism in Portugal” has been introduced for the director of the SEMINCIJavier Angulo, has highlighted that “since 20 years ago the film commissions have been doing a great job to attract shooting to our country. Now is an excellent moment to develop film tourism”.

Eugeni Osàcar, expert in Film Tourism and professor of the CETT, opened the colloquium exposing the features and the potential of film tourism and shared statistical data about this activity: “from 2013 until nowadays this modality of tourism has increased by a 100%. There are 80 million tourists in 2017 that chose their destination because they saw it in their favourite films or series, as it states TCI Research. This figure represents a 6.1% of the total amount of tourists of this year, according to the World Tourism Organization. It is very important to create a competitive offer to close a virtuous circle of the film tourism”.

“The Portugal Centre is in an initial state as a film destination, but we are working hard to consolidate it”, that is how Pedro Machado started his participation as President of Turismo do Centro Portugal and of the general assembly of Centro Portugal Film Commission. He continued emphasizing the good job that many Spanish regions have done, as a great example for Portugal.

The conference has been closed by Ana Redondo, Valladolid’s Culture and Tourism councillor, who has warmly stated that “this city adores and loves cinema, not only its display, also its academic analysis, as long as the University of Valladolid holds the oldest cinematography chair in Spain and plans to move forward in this area with new masters and studies. SEMINCI is the best framework for this Conference, and having Portugal as a guest made it even more interesting. Valladolid is waiting for you next years for the following editions”. She also announced that the city “is boosting a candidacy to be a UNESCO Creative City for cinema”.

We want to remind you that each and every colloquium are going to be available in our cinema and tourism microsite and YouTube channel.

This second edition of the Conference counted with around 150 assistants, a broad media coverage and very interesting conclusions.

Spain Film Commission and Valladolid Film Office, the organizers of this conference, wish to thank Valladolid’s City Council, INNOLID, SEMINCI, PROFILM, APPA Association, Patio Herreriano and, finally, the Cencyl+ City Network and the Interreg Spain-Portugal.

End of the Conference about Shootings and Film Tourism
End of the Conference about Shootings and Film Tourism
End of the Conference about Shootings and Film Tourism
End of the Conference about Shootings and Film Tourism