#EnDesarrollo a new project of Castilla La Mancha Film Commission



With the intention of giving more visibility, creating synergies among professionals and bringing potential investors closer, Castilla-La Mancha Film Commission begins its new section  #EnDesarrollo on its website as well as its social networks.

In this space the Castilian-La Mancha who have an audiovisual project at any stage of development, can upload information on the theme, format, specific needs and collaboration possibilities.

The dynamics are very simple: through a form provided to the general data of the project, images, current requirements and contact so that the interested persons know more about how they can get involved and be part of the development of the works.

In just one week, half a dozen projects have been received, three of which are already in the section. The first one is 'Nacer', an animated short film, which will feature some of the best animation film professionals, such as the Toledan animator Julián Lominchar and Laura Aguado, an experienced production director. 'Sancho' is the second short film, which tells the adventures of a passionate one of the books of Caballerías. 'The Peace Shooter' is a long documentary with international shooting, in pre-production phase; a journey around the world where a universal message of peace is being created along the way.

Currently the cooperation with the IT department is in progress to adapt the presentations to multiple screens and resolutions.

In the next months a Directory of Services to the production will be active within the Web. Mainly local producers and professionals, among them some ceramic master craftsmen and swords who have worked in many film projects and series.


#EnDesarrollo a new project of Castilla La Mancha Film Commission
#EnDesarrollo a new project of Castilla La Mancha Film Commission