First edition of MAFIZ "Málaga Festival Industry Zone" of the Malaga Festival


The Malaga competition has premiered in its 21st edition the new industry zone with the participation of 51 countries.

More than 100 films and almost 50 projects participated in MAFIZ (Malaga Festival Industry Zone), the new industry zone that the Malaga Festival premiered in its 21st edition from April 13 to 22. These figures confirm the commitment of the Malaga event for the sector, both Spanish and Ibero-American.

A total of 431 audio-visual professionals have been accredited, including sales agents, buyers, distributors, festivals, Film Commissions, International funds, film institutes and producers.

The Malaga festival has launched MAFIZ with the main objective of promoting the dissemination and promotion of Ibero-American cinematography. For this, Festival de Málaga has created six events designed for the development of new business networks by the professionals from the film industry in Latin America and Europe:

• The core of the MAFIZ is the SPANISH SCREENINGS - MÁLAGA DE CINE, which is designed as an international platform for the selling and promotion of the cinema in Spanish.

• MÁLAGA FESTIVAL FUND & COPRODUCTION EVENT is an Industry space that will allow Latin American producers meeting themselves and presenting their projects to those responsible for International Funds and producers both from Spain and the rest of Europe.

• LATINAMERICAN FOCUS, a bilateral meeting between Spain and a Latin American country with the aim of strengthening the networking and co-productions of the producing companies of both countries.

• MÁLAGA DOCS, a meeting for the analysis and the reflection on the documentary, where the most important professionals of this genre meet to share their views on Latin American documentary film.

• MÁLAGA WORK IN PROGRESS aims to boost the financing of films in production phase to favour its finalization and international distribution.

• MÁLAGA TALENT, a bridge between industry and talent, between Spain and Latin America. Its objectives are to promote the knowledge of professional teams and build creative synergies.

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