James Costos, Honorific Ambassador of Spain Film Commission, presents the I Shooting in Spain Meeting


The I Shooting in Spain Meeting was presented last week in Club Financiero Génova by the honorific Spain Film Commission Ambassador –exambassador of the United States of America in Spain-, James Costos, together with the State Tourism Secretary, Isabel María Oliver Sagreras, and the president of Spain Film Commission, Carlos Rosado Cobián.

The aim of these encounters is to deepen in the relationships between the Spanish and North American audiovisual industries, besides of attracting new shootings from the USA to Spain, create synergies and capture the attention of the North American producing companies to shoot in our country. This initiative was promoted by Spain Film Commission and it goes together with the idea of creating an audiovisual hub in Spain. Anyway, SFC is working to achieve that audiovisual companies and professionals become “preferential partners” of the North American industry. We want that this industry counts with Spain and that the Spanish industry coproduces and works in the American market.

The first encounter will take place next 7th and 8th November in Los Angeles (USA), thanks to the collaboration with Spanish Government’s State Tourism Secretary.
During the first informal meeting in Madrid, James Costos has shown his support to our industry and has introduced great promotion and collaboration possibilities between both countries, “The important task accomplished by Spain Film Commission lies in the fact that they have made that people in the USA and Spain are conscious of the importance of the audiovisual industry as a promotion tool for a country. Any cinematographic company that comes to work to Spain, will have at its disposition qualified professionals, varied landscapes, a great weather, welcoming people and very favourable tax system. The most important part of this encounter will take place in Los Angeles, between Spanish and North American producers, and will gather around 20 or 30 producers of the main North American producing companies: Paramount, Sony, Disney, Warner Bros, Fox, HBO, Netflix and Amazon with Spanish professionals and producers. There will also be a representation of North American public institutions, such as the municipality of Los Angeles, the government of California or the Californian Film Commission.

This event will take place in the HBO studios in Santa Monica, where the producers of the worldwide famous TV Series, Game of Thrones, will share their experience filming in Spain with other American agents, “because they have already been here and they know how we work and how successful this experience was”. Costos also added that “it is important that the authorities in California know the Spanish industry and that the Spanish industry know the opportunities and strengths that we have in California: employment creation, jobs and cultural exchange. It’s a task in two directions, the promotion of two industries: the Spanish and North American”.

On his behalf, Carlos Rosado, president of the Spain Film Commission, said that “since the shooting of Exodus in Spain, there has been an exponential increase of the shootings in our country. We do not confine ourselves to ease the shootings, we also contact people like James Costos, who are able to help us to get huge projects, like Game of Thrones. James provided us a certain perspective to approach the Spanish and North American industries”.

Rosado also pointed that “the I Encounter Shooting in Spain, that will take place in Los Angeles with a very small group of professionals that will meet some top producers, script writers and film makers from the USA, is the first part of this project; the second, will be a similar encounter in Spain with a similar level of representation. We have also decided to count with the support of the State Tourism Secretary, because there is a huge touristic potential linked to this shootings, since there are more people who want to visit the shooting locations of their favourite TV Series or films”.

For that matter, the State Tourism Secretary, Isabel María Sagreras, in charge of closing the day, thanked Spain Film Commission and James Costos for this initiative and declared that “I am very happy because there has been an amazing conjunction in this project: the experience of James Costos inour country and his wide knowledge of the audiovisual industry, together with 18 years of experience of the Spain Film Commission, which ensures this project’s success. We are humbly entering in this world with lots of will too boost the audio visual industry in Spain and that Tourism and Cinema meet and feedback each other.

James Costos, Honorific Ambassador of Spain Film Commission, presents the I Shooting in Spain Meeting
James Costos, Honorific Ambassador of Spain Film Commission, presents the I Shooting in Spain Meeting