James Costos receives in Sevilla the Spain Film Commissions honorific ambassador title


Spain Film Commission, an institution headed by Carlos Rosado, recognizes James Costo’s efforts on bridging the gap between the Spanish and the North-American audio-visual industries, which has materialized in the arrival of a big number of productions to Spain and in the collaboration between companies. During his time in the embassy, between 2013 and 2017, he converted it in a meeting point, where young entrepreneurs, senior business executives, leading personalities, militaries, politicians, chiefs of state and representatives of arts and culture came together. All his work and ideas in diplomacy were gathered in his book “El amigo Americano” (“The American friend”), a global bestseller.

According to Costos, “Spain counts with a first class talent, an attractive tax system, beautiful and diverse landscapes and excellent weather, which makes it perfect to shoot throughout the year”. Thanks to his work, his knowledge of the audio-visual industry and the potential of the Spanish locations, the shooting of several chapters of the HBO’s TV series Game of Thrones materialized. 

James Costos arrived to Sevilla to participate jointly with the ex-President of the United States, Barack Obama, in the Tourism World Summit organized by the World Tourism and Travel Council from the 2nd to the 4th of April. The ex-ambassador stated that “tourism is a great way to promote a country’s knowledge and culture, being able to visit places where important films and TV series were created”.

For Carlos Rosado, president of Spain Film Commission, this distinction “represents an important highlight to turn Spain in a preferential shooting destination for the American audio-visual industry, with the consequent increase of the number of productions and the improvement of the competitive situation of the country”.

The act, organized by Spain Film Commission in collaboration with Andalucia Film Commission, will be completed with the encounter of Mr. Costos and the representatives of the audio-visual industry, film commissions and Spanish institutions.

From 2001 Spain Film Commission has been developing an intense activity to promote Spain as an audio-visual shooting destination in the international markets. Besides of contributing to consolidate the audio-visual industry, these shootings are essential for the development of screen tourism, a strategic focus for Spain to diversify its economic model.

James Costos receives in Sevilla the Spain Film Commissions honorific ambassador title
James Costos receives in Sevilla the Spain Film Commissions honorific ambassador title