Los Monegros region launches a touristic route called "Jamón, Jamón", based on the mythical Bigas Luna film


This itinerary offers a cinema trip through the spots where this film was shot and that put Monegros in the international map. The initiative includes a video, a free route with eleven stops along 42 kilometers and a free pdf brochure.


The introduction of this route took place today in Zaragoza’s Provincial Council with the participation of Celia Orós, wife of Bigas Luna (1946-2013), the vice-president of the Monegros’ region, Ildefonso Salillas, and the cultural manager and filmmaker, Vicky Calavia, author of the spot and the contents of the route, with Oscar Baiges graphic design.

The film and touristic route “Jamón, Jamón” is an itinerary through the Monegro’s landscape, which has a very important role in this Film, released in 1992 with a great success.

During her presentation, Celia Orós said that “I am very thankful because my husband is somehow still alive every time that we pay a tribute to him. It’s impossible that anybody does not fall in love with Monegros, it is a place that has always touched my soul, as well as to my husband. I think that this project is very original and I hope that it has a lot of success”.

On the other hand, Salillas highlighted that “this route was born with the aim to place value on this territory as a film and touristic and location, with a great natural and cultural heritage”. He also added that this initiative “intends likewise to pay a tribute to the image of Bigas Luna, who contributed a lot on the reputation of this territory. Touring this route will allow the travellers discover a very special and authentic land”.

As Vicky Calavia explained, this initiative is articulated around the following contents:
- A film route with a digital and also digital brochure.
- A spot of the route, edited by Carlos Navarro that lasts 5 minutes and that will have the function to promote this route in fairs, festivals and social media.
- Location route: an itinerary through the most important shooting locations, with a system of QR codes that redirect to a website with lots of information.

This route is 42 kilometers long through the municipalities of Monegrillo, Bujaraloz, Peñalba, Candasnos and Pina de Ebro, which have settled a system of signals with explanations about the film and the relation with the spots that they are visiting.

Among the specific spots, we can find the old football pitch in Monegrillo, in the hearth of Los Monegros, where the first sequence of the film was shot during the autumn of 1991. Other locations we can find are the Osborne bull in Peñalba or the Africa Burger, places where Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem unleash their passion.

Los Monegros is considered a demographic desert with only 6,8 inhabitants per square kilometre, so silence and quietness are another reason to visit this place, which is one of the most singular and unique locations in Europe. Many film directors and advertisement companies have focused their attention in this desert for its infinite possibilities. The Monegros region created in year 2014 the Monegros Film Commission, because of the huge demand of shooting requests. Since then, this organism helps to promote this territory and boosting its touristic services.

After the press conference, Celia Orós, Vicky Calavia and Alfonso Salillas have moved to Peñalba, together with Monegrillo’s mayor (Alejandro Laguna), the mayor ofPina de Ebro (Marisa Fanlo) and Carmen Llorente, agent of theBujalaroz’s short film contest, to meet this land and its charms.


Los Monegros region launches a touristic route called
Los Monegros region launches a touristic route called