Spain Film Commission takes part in 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival


For the second time, Spain Film Commission takes part in Shanghai’s Film Market in Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), which has been running for 22 editions already. The European organization EuFCN (European Film Commission Network) participates every year with a stand, in which all the different countries, including Spain, count with their own spaces to exhibit their locations and tax incentives.

 The participation of Spain Film Commission, producers and Spanish film commissioners in the last editions, has made the interest in our country grow. Only during 2018, the Spanish delegation met with more than 40 Chinese producers (and from other Asian countries), which has been translated into six shootings and scouting by Chinese production teams in our country in 2019.

The success of films by Oriol Paulo like “The Invisible Guest” and “Mirage” in China, and the award granted in Shanghai to “Presunto Culpable”, a TV series shot in Bilbao, have boosted the interest of Chinese producers in distributing and producing Spanish films, or look for new locations for their productions in Spain. This is an evident fact when we see that 15 Spanish audio-visual productions have been presented this year in SIFF.

The audio-visual markets in Asia play every time a more important role in the international economy. China and India are the better known film industries, mainly because of the size of their internal market and the amount of projects that they produce every year. That being said, other Asian countries like South Korea, Thailand and Japan, and other territories like Taiwan or Hong-Kong, are acquiring a more relevant role.

At the same time that the Asian film industry is growing in terms of quantity (number of films, online viewings, audience, income,…), it’s also improving in quality terms, because of its capacity to boost the image of these countries abroad and of other countries, like Spain, in these ones, the talent of their professionals (actors, directors, scriptwriters, musicians, dancers, etc) and also, indirectly, the touristic and cultural resources of these territories.

Spain Film Commission takes part in 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival