Span Film Commission designates three ambassadors and rewards the TV series La Peste in Fitur Screen Tourism


“La Peste”, the TV series created by Alberto Rodríguez and Rafael Cobos and broadcasted by Movistar+, will be awarded tomorrow 25th January with the Award “Spain Film Commission Fitur Cine 2019 to the audiovisual production that better promotes the territory”, an award granted by Spain Film Commission within the framework of FITUR CINE/SCREEN TOURISM.

The award ceremony will take place at 11.30h in pavilion number 2 of IFEMA, and will be attended by Domingo Corral (original production director of Movistar+), José Antonio Félez (producer) and Rafael Cobos (co-creator).

This TV series takes place in the 16th century in Seville and to bring this fictional story to life more than 130 locations were needed in localities such as Seville, Carmona, Alcalá de Guadaíra or Coria del Río. The Royal Artillery Factory, Casa Salinas, Seville’s Town Hall and Trujillo’s Castle (Cáceres) are only some settings were the story is developed.

The Indian businessman, Ramji Natarayan; USA’s ex-ambassador, James Costos; and the British director, Terry Gilliam, will be awarded with the prize “Spain Film Commission FITUR SCREEN TOURISM Ambassadors 2019”.

Beside of creating an award that recognizes the work of the audiovisual productions in the screen tourism, Spain Film Commission has decided to institute and grant the prize “Spain Film Commission FITUR SCREEN TOURISM Ambassadors 2019”, an award aimed for those persons that can act as ambassadors of our audiovisual and touristic industries in Spain and around the world.

The prizes, which will be awarded on the 25th January at 10.30h, intend to outline the work of these persons that contribute in a special way to the promotion of tourism in Spain through Cinema and Television. In 2019 one of the awarded personalities will be Mr. Ramji Natarayan, a prestigious audiovisual location finder and tour-operator, coming from Chennai, Sout India.

Ramji Natarayan, a well-known “Location Guru” in India, is one of the main responsibles for the great expansion of the Indian audiovisual projects around the world in the last twenty years, from New Zealand to Iceland, Russia, Switzerland, Peru, etc.

Besides of his long career in cinema industry, Ramji Natarayan represents the perfect combination between cinema and tourism, for being CEO and founder of Travel Masters India PVT, leader of screen tourism in India, offering its professional services to producers and consumers.

To deliver this award, Spain Film Commission will count with the presence of the Indian ambassador in Spain, Mr. Sanjay Verma, and the president of SFC, D. Carlos Rosado. The ceremony will take place on the stage of FITUR SCREEN TOURISM (IFEMA Pavilion 2) and it will be sponsored by Air India, the only airline in the world with regular direct flights from India to Spain.

In addition to Ramji Natarayan’s award, Spain Film Commission also wanted to designate two other persons linked to the recent development of great international audiovisual projects in Spain.

On one hand, Mr. James Costos, ex-ambassador of the USA in Spain and ex responsible for the north america producer HBO at the moment where Spain was chosen as shooting destination of one of the most iconic TV series of the last years: Game of Thrones. Costos, awarded two years ago as honor Film Commissioner, represents one of the most solid links between American and Spanish culture and industry. The prize will be collected by Piluca Querol, director of Andalucía Film Commission.

On the other hand, Mr. Terry Gillian, British actor, director and producer will be distinguished by Navarra Film Commission. He is one of the former members of Monthy Phiton and one of the most recognized and innovative creators in the United Kingdom. Very linked to Spain, mainly because of his controversial but brilliant film “El hombre que mató a Don Quijote”, which gives a different point of view of this classic of the universal literature. He is in love with the Spanish landscapes, especially with Gallipienzo, a Navarre village. The prize will be collected by Gerardo Herrero, member of the production company Tornasol.

Span Film Commission designates three ambassadors and rewards the TV series La Peste in Fitur Screen Tourism
Span Film Commission designates three ambassadors and rewards the TV series La Peste in Fitur Screen Tourism
Span Film Commission designates three ambassadors and rewards the TV series La Peste in Fitur Screen Tourism