The Secretariat of State for Tourism, ICAA and Spain Film Commission subscribe a protocol to boost screen tourism


The Secretariat of State for Tourism, the Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales and Spain Film Commission signed today in Valladolid’s City Council a protocol to collaborate in terms of screen tourism.

Valladolid’s Culture and Tourism councillor and Vicechairman of Valladolid Film Office, Ana Redondo, introduced this event, which was attended by Isabel Oliver, Secretary of State for Tourism, Jaime Alejandre, ICAA’s adviser member, and Carlos Rosado, president of Spain Film Commission.

Ana Redondo appreciated the election of Valladolid for the signature of this protocol and the presentation of this initiative, which is linked to culture and sustainable tourism. She also highlighted the support that this agreement supposes in this moment, when Valladolid is preparing its candidacy as UNESCO’s Creative City, specifically in the category of cinema, under the name of “Valladolid. City of film”.

In the Secretary of State for Tourism’s opinion, “Screen Tourism represents a great opportunity to advertise less touristic regions of our country, besides of being a social and economic revulsive for the areas where the shootings take place. It’s a sustainable and quality tourism, which can help us to strengthen a model of diversified and sustainable growth”.

The support of the Secretariat of State to Screen Tourism became evident during Fitur’s last edition, which counted with an exhibition area (Fitur Cine), dedicated to spread its attributes and its reach to professionals of the touristic industry.

On the other hand, Carlos Rosado, president of Spain Film Commission, highlighted that “the signature of this agreement supposes a starting point, but also a point of arrival. We can highlight three milestones that made us be where we are nowadays: the Spanish Conference about Shootings and Screen Tourism with the subsequently signature of “Valladolid’s Statement”, where the idea of closing the virtuous circle was stated the meeting between Spain Film Commission and the Secretariat of State for Tourism celebrated in August 2018; and the celebration of Fitur Cine.

The representative of ICAA, Jaime Alejandre, claimed that “Spain has a film industry of the highest level, which makes that lots of international producers want to come to shoot in Spain. We managed to combine the talent of our technical and artistic staff, a solid industry with a lot of future and an unbeatable cultural heritage. Shooting in Spain is a guarantee of success”.

Among the measures of this protocol, we can highlight the creation of a catalog of good practices and the implementation of a report to study the film tourism phenomenon in our geographical area. Both initiatives are in process and will be known during this year.
In addition, there is a plan to create a website, to initiate an Observatory of Screen Tourism in Spain and the elaboration of an international promotional plan.

Since 1998, Spain Film Commission develops an intense activity to promote Spain as an audiovisual shooting destination in the international markets. Besides of contributing to consolidate the audiovisual industry, these shootings are very important for the development of screen tourism in the locations where they take place.

The Secretariat of State for Tourism, ICAA and Spain Film Commission subscribe a protocol to boost screen tourism
The Secretariat of State for Tourism, ICAA and Spain Film Commission subscribe a protocol to boost screen tourism