Vice President Nadia Calviño meets with Spain Film Commission to promote Spain Audiovisual Hub


Carlos Rosado, President of Spain Film Commission, Juan Manuel Guimerans, Secretary of SFC, and James Costos, Honorary Ambassador of SFC, met yesterday with the 3rd Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, and the Secretary of State of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures, Roberto Sánchez, to analyze and boost the competitiveness of Spain as a filming destination and strengthen the collaboration with the American entertainment industry.

The face-to-face and digital meeting was held at the Ministry's headquarters on Tuesday, July 7, and is part of the agenda promoted by Spain Film Commission for the articulation of an Audiovisual Hub in Spain. Taking into account the current global situation and with the aim of boosting the filming industry in Spain, initiatives and actions have been identified to continue supporting the Spanish sector and consolidate its role as one of the leaders in the production of successful global content.

There is currently an expectation in the North American audiovisual market that is looking for new non-traditional and less saturated filming locations, in this context Spain is positioned as one of the most attractive film sets due to its economic incentives, locations and professionals. SFC's commitment is to continue consolidating this market with the improvement of sanitary measures, meetings with the North American industry, the development of an Audiovisual Hub in Spain and the streamlining of legal and labor procedures.

Vice President Nadia Calviño has emphasized the importance of the audiovisual hub in which SFC is working to position Spain at the forefront of the international scene and thanked James Costos for his invaluable collaboration and permanent commitment to Spain and for strengthening the relationship between United States and our country.

Vice President Nadia Calviño meets with Spain Film Commission to promote Spain Audiovisual Hub