Weapons and military equipment

Any weapons or military equipment to be used in an audiovisual shoot must be non-firing. If there are not non-firing, then only blank cartridges can be used and anyone using them must have the identification and authorisation to do so. There are specialised companies in Spain which can provide replica, prop and trick weapons to simulate real fire and battles at zero risk, specifically aimed at film sets and shoots.

Special effects companies, which have a great deal of experience in our country, specialise in producing fire, pyrotechnical effects or explosions with the necessary safety elements, as well as supplying transport and storage for these products. You will also be able to source action professionals to perform stunt scenes. All companies are legally approved and have the required permits to use these kinds of props and tools. Permits must be applied for for each shoot at the local Civil Guard office or autonomous police station, depending on the area you are shooting in.

Weapons and explosive devices to be used on sets can also be obtained through the territorial departments of the National Police or Civil Guard.

Spain Film Commission's network of offices can provide the contact information you need to find companies and professionals, as well as information on how to obtain the necessary permits.