The APPA, Association of Audiovisual Production Professionals, is a national entity which was established in 2008 and which brings together the efforts of audiovisual industry professionals with the objective of continuously improving the sector.

The SFC and APPA signed a collaborative agreement in 2017 with the aim of creating a platform containing all the basic information needed to carry out an audiovisual production. They also hope to compose communication strategies with which to influence the audiovisual industry's regulative framework and to promote the exchange of ideas on how best to improve the audiovisual sector.

Spanish Cinema Production Directors Association (ADPCE) was born in 2003, destined to watch over the performance of professional work of Spanish cinema production directors. Since January 2008 the association broaden its framework of action in response to the current needs of the audiovisual sector, and thus became an Association of Audiovisual Production Professionals (APPA), which includes professionals from the world of television, as well as advertising, and those of the existing cinema.

APPA is legally constituted and a non-profit association, whose geographical scope is the Spanish territory.

APPA is constituted by more than 80 partners and continues growing.

Board of Directors current members:

President: José Jaime Linares

Vice Presidents: Pablo Ramírez, Pilar Robla

Members: Belén Bernuy, Leire Aurrecoechea, Alberto Poveda Rey, Mª José Díez, Belén Sánchez, Aurora Martínez and Pilar Pérez

Its objectives are:

  • Promote, maintain and protect the highest professional level in the organization of audiovisual production by accepting its Ethics Code.
  • Collaborate with all types of Organizations, Institutions, Associations and Societies
  • Improve, homogenize, review and promote working methods in audiovisual production.