Cerco de Artajona

Artajona, Comunidad Foral de Navarra

The walls of Artajona is a medieval fortification. It is not a castle but an 11th century walled complex, it originally had fourteen crenellated towers, of which nine remain. The complex, located in the province of Pamplona (Navarra), protects the fortified church of San Saturnino, which was part of the complex’s defense system together with robust walls, buttresses, the watchtower, the parapet walk and dungeon. http://www.artajona.net/menu/the-fence-of-artajona


Navarra Film Commission

Navarra Film Commission

Contact person/s: Sara Sevilla
Plaza de Baluarte, s/n
31008, Pamplona/Iruña, Navarra, Comunidad Foral de Navarra

T. (+34) 848 424 752

We will assist you in: spanish / english / french

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Reference web: www.artajona.net

GPS coordinates: 42° 35' 31.8" N / 1° 45' 54.9" W