Those under 16 years of age taking part in an audiovisual project, in starring or secondary roles, must have a contract with the specific requirements and characteristics established by law.

This must be processed in each autonomous community, before the relevant authority.

In order to be eligible for permission to enter into a public performance employment contract with a person under the age of 16 you need:

  • To ensure the minor's physical safety for the duration of the shoot.
  • The permission must be requested by the minor's legal guardians.
  • The minor must declare their consent, if they are over 7 years of age.

Once the permission has been granted, the minor's guardians must sign a performance employment contract in accordance with what is set out in the Legislative Royal Decree 1/1995. This contract is entered into in accordance with the collaborative agreement on employment relations between audiovisual projects and actors who provide their services as part of the same.

In some autonomous communities, the employment authorities also require a favourable medical report, reports from the minor's school and the production plan which must be provided by the participating producers. The number of working hours are limited and must be compatible with the minor attending school. Most territories require the minor to be accompanied to shoots by a relative. Also in most cases, minors cannot be on set later than ten o'clock at night.

Given the complexity of the regulating authorities we recommend you check with the Film Commission or Film Office in the territory you are planning to shoot in.