Spain Film Commission proposes an action plan to overcome the negative effects of COVID19


Spain Film Commission, a non-governmental entity that gather the public network of Film Commissions and Film Offices operating in Spain, with more than 30 members, proposes an urgent action plan aimed to the National Government, focused on relieving the big demage caused by the total stoppage of film industry.

According to the data available for  Spain Film Commission, since Wednesday, March 11th, shootings has been gradually suspended until its total suspension since the publication of State of Alarm decree. The entity is preparing a report with data provided by its partners, but we can anticipate that there are more than 300 shootings canceled or postponed.

The previous technical processes to filming are long and complex and require a long period of programming. It's important to avoid shooting suspensions becoming definitive cancellations. It's, therefore, to provide to the film industry, security and strong support so that doesn't  involve a final cessation of shooting plans already underway and new projects will not be lost.

In addition to the general measures adopted on self-employed professionals and small and medium-sized companies, it's necessary to study specific measures for the audiovisual industry:

1. The serious damages that the stoppage of the audioviusal shootings caused by the lack of coverage of these risks by the film insurance policies (completion bonds etc) requires seeking agreements with the insurance companies and the Insurance Compensation Consortium, so that the cost of the cancellation does not fall exclusively on the affected companies and professionals.

2. Request to the Minister of Culture and the Government for an institutional declaration that will reassure the sector, guaranteeing that specific funds will not be affected or reduced, seeking, where appropriate, alternative solutions to the cinema funds 

3. Ministry of Finance must publish, as soon as possible, the scope of the improvements in the tax incentives system and the legal certainty of the processes, with the aim of expanding the percentage and limits of tax refunds, as well as simplifying and speed up of refunds. 

4. Request to Secretary of State for Tourism and Icex for an extraordinary plan to promote Spain as a filming destination and Screen Tourism aswell.

5. Request to the Economic Vice Presidency of the Government to study the temporary implementation of a general exemption from filming fees that all administrations should to apply to encourage new shooting projects  through an agreement with the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces.

6.It's necessary to set up a contingency plan to compensate for the canceled shootings and to have a support fund so that the lost of profits of the industry don't prevent recovery.

7.It's time to announce the creation of the Spanish Audiovisual Hub, as the best tool to develop ambitious national strategy.

Spain Film Commission considers that the film industry is an important and tangible vector of the Spanish economy, which generates quality employment and contributes to improving the image of Spain, its culture and society. For that reason it appeals to the sensitivity of the Government of Spain in this extraordinary situation.

It's essential to act in coordination aswell with the Autonomous Communities and the Local and Island Administrations. Acting quickly, Spain may continue to positioning as one of the most important global filming destinations . That is the objective of the Spain Film Commission. 

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Spain Film Commission proposes an action plan to overcome the negative effects of COVID19
Spain Film Commission proposes an action plan to overcome the negative effects of COVID19
Spain Film Commission proposes an action plan to overcome the negative effects of COVID19