The city of Malaga, finalist for the European Film Location Award 'The Crown'


After being proposed by the Andalucía Film Commission, Malaga, the scene of numeous scenes from the fourth season of the Netflix series 'The Crown', has been chosen as a finalist for the Best European Location Award, European Film Location Award created by the Association of European Film Commission.


Produced by Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures Television with the collaboration of Palma Pictures for Netflix, the production featured Andalusian companies and professionals during its filming, including the locators of A Film Location Company, Tete Aráez and Enrique Guadamuro, as well as the assistance from Málaga Film Office, the filming office of the city of Málaga that is part of the Andalucía Film Commission Network of Film Cities.


The Municipal Auditorium, the Gran Hotel Miramar, the Hotel Málaga Palacio, Molina Lario street, the Botanical-Historical Garden of La Concepción, the Monte Miramar Palace and the Castañón de Mena military residence were some of the stages of the city of Málaga chosen to recreate the trip that the princes of Wales, Charles and Diana, made to Australia and New Zealand in the 80s or for the stay of the English Prime Minister at the summit of the Commonwealth.


The selection of the best European locations is the resoult of a nomination process carried out in three places: in the first, the film commission belonging to the European Film Commission Network porpose ther locations (specific filming locations for a film or television fiction released the year above), after this a jury made up og 5 audiovisual experts select the list of finalist.  On this occasion, those in charge of making this selection have been Clara Le (Commercial Director of The Location Guide/ FOCUS London) Alexandra Lebret (Director of the European Producers Club), Eric Mika (President of The Film Verdict), John Rakich (Locator, President from LMGI - Location Managers Guild International), and Dennis Ruh (Director of the European Film Market).


The third phase is open to the public, wich is the one who will choose the final winner through the EUFCN website by clicking here, among the participants in the voting a two-day trip for two people to the winning location will be raffled off. This phase is open until January 31th of 2022. 


Is the third time that a location proposed by Andalucía Film Commission has opted to achieve this recognition after having also reached the last cut in previous years the locations of Isla Mayor in Seville for the film 'La Isla Mínima' y el Desierto de Tabernas for 'The Sisters Brothers'.



EUFCN will announce the winning location and film, as well as the person who with their vote has been selected in the draw, during a Ceremony at the EFM in Berlin. 


The European Film Location Awars is a project promoted by the European Film Commission Network (EUFCN), made up of more than 95 Film Commission from 31 European countries, dedicated to promoting European locations for international filming. 









The city of Malaga, finalist for the European Film Location Award 'The Crown'
The city of Malaga, finalist for the European Film Location Award 'The Crown'
The city of Malaga, finalist for the European Film Location Award 'The Crown'