Production grants

Production grants

Apart from tax incentives, there are a variety of mechanisms in place in Spain which provide financial support to audiovisual productions. These are promoted by the public authorities and shoots are eligible as long as there is a Spanish company or entity taking part in the production. All the companies and offices within the Spain Film Commission network can provide further information on this matter.

National grants

The Ministry of Culture's Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute manages grants aimed at the audiovisual industry. It also regulates production licenses, cinema statistics, the issue of start and end of filming date certificates, film classification, support structures for film festivals and the promotion of Spanish films outside of Spain.

The calls for grant applications are published on the website and most of the procedures involved in obtaining grants can be carried out online and via a company with a fiscal address in Spain.

Autonomous community grants

Autonomous communities and their administrative departments (diputaciones, cabildos, consellos, consells insulars) have specific grant and promotional systems for audiovisual productions available to local producers.

Each community can be different, so it is important to check each one. Film commissions, film offices and local companies are very helpful when it comes to gaining faster access to this information.

The below link will take you to a map of public culture websites pertaining to the Spanish autonomous communities:

Municipal grants

Some town halls have a fee exemption system for shoots, subject to different conditions. We recommend checking with local companies or professionals, or contacting the film office concerned, in order to access these exemptions.

International grants

Spanish audiovisual production companies can also take part in European support programmes for the industry.

Europa Creativa's sub programme, Media, has four offices in Spain which provide advice and consultancy services to professionals: Media Euskadi / Media Catalunya /Media España / Media Andalucía.

The Ibermedia programme provides a support system for audiovisual co-productions between Spain and Latin-America, especially within the fields of development, production and training.