Shoot Fees

Shoot Fees

There is no unified system in Spain when it comes to applying shoot fees.

-Shoot fees applied for the use of public spaces and buildings are regulated differently in each territory. The concession periods, procedures and values also vary depending on the type of audiovisual production you are requesting.

-When it comes to long-distance and cross-country roads, except for those located in the Basque Country, Navarre and Catalonia, the Traffic Agency issues special permission, the procedure for which can be found online at the following link or at the corresponding office in each autonomous community.

-There are also specific shoot fees for natural areas and for using special and unique facilities.

-In cities or municipalities where there is no specific regulation for shoot fees, an occupation of public space fee will usually be applied: the spaces occupied for shoots and for parking vehicles or other shoot elements.

-In the case of private property, production service companies or property management companies have location catalogues which detail all their fees. In any case, the production company will have to negotiate with the owners.

The Spain Film Commission network offices work with producers by providing them with direct contacts and useful information to help them obtain each permit, as well as helping them with possible fee exemptions for certain spaces.