La Rioja Film Commission

La Rioja Film Commission

Contact person/s:

San Millán 25 26004
26004. Logroño, La Rioja

T. (+34) + 34 941 276240

La Rioja Film Commission is a film management organisation created in 2018 by the Government of La Rioja and managed by La Rioja Turismo.

Its main aim is to promote La Rioja as a place to make films and to support companies and professionals from the audio-visual industry in the logistics of their projects. From now on,  professionals (photographers, publicists, producers, location hunters…) who choose la rioja as a destination for their project can call on the free services of information, advice, optimisation of resources and applications for authorisation.

La Rioja Film Commission will act as link between the Government of La Rioja, public and private authorities and the audio-visual industry.

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