Terrassa Film Office - Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya

Terrassa Film Office - Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya

Contact person/s: Lucrecia Sánchez Chacón

Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya. Carretera BV-1274, Km1
08225. Terrassa, Cataluña

T. (+34) 937 87 59 59 / (+34) 683 160 633

lu.sanchez@parcaudiovisual.com (Resp. Terrassa Film Office)
oriol.moreno@terrassa.com (Dir. comercial Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya)

The Terrassa Film Office is a service provided by the City of Terrassa with the purpose of helping all audiovisual producers to accommodate their projects in the city and surroundings.
The Film Office is a service to promote the city and territory offering its services for free as traditionally Film Offices do.

The Film Office can act as delegate between producers and the different local departments managing the needed spaces of municipal ownership, even in some special cases can help with private owned spaces. The Terrassa Film Office will help all professionals in saving money and time through its advisory services and processing permits as in any warrants that you may need for shooting in the city.