Special Facilities

Special Facilities

There are unique venues which, due to their characteristics or links to an institution or company, are subject to specific rules when it comes to shoots. The following are some of those venues.

Military bases

Military buildings or facilities are managed by the Spanish Government's Ministry of Defence. Depending on their location and functionality, military venues or resources available for shoots are usually restricted. However, films and series have been shot at military facilities over recent years, and vehicles and equipment have been used thanks to significant collaboration from the Ministry of Defence. We recommend you contact the Ministry of Defence department in the autonomous community you hope to shoot in to request information on how to process the permits or collaboration agreements you may need.


Spain's civilian airports are managed by AENA, and permits to shoot are processed at the offices of each airport, with set fees according to the duration and characteristics of each shoot.

Network of airports managed by Aena

Useful information provided by Aena

There are some private alternatives to the airports managed by AENA, such as Ciudad Real airport or Castellon airport, which are not very busy. Another alternative is the Teruel airport platform, PLATA, which specialises in maintenance, MRO, parking and recycling of aeroplanes, helicopters, wide-body aircraft, executive and general aviation, UAV-RPA, research and development and aerospace activities.

Train Stations

To film at train stations producers must apply for a permit, provide the script for the scenes to be shot and pay the corresponding fees to the public company ADIF, a state-run company which is dependent on the Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

ADIF has a catalogue of spaces available for filming, an interactive tool which allows you to search for locations according to the type or the geographical location you need for your project. There are currently 112 different venues, exclusive or unique locations across the country featuring all different types of train stations - from the modern, historical, classical and small to halts, logistical hubs and industrial spaces, as well as railway infrastructure and other unique locations.

If your scenes need to be shot inside a train, you will need to apply for permission from RENFE, if the train is part of their network, or request it from the local either autonomous or provincial network. In any case, you must always check the permit conditions, such as fees, validity dates and the types of scenes permitted.

Port facilities

The Spanish Ports System is state-owned and is made up of 46 ports of general interest, managed by 28 Port Authorities, whose coordination and efficiency control corresponds to the Public State Ports Organisation, which is dependent on the Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Transport. To request information you can contact the Port Authorities listed: A Coruña - Alicante - Almería - Avilés - Bahía de Algeciras - Bahía de Cádiz Balears - Barcelona - Bilbao - Cartagena - Castellón - Ceuta - Ferrol-S. Cibrao - Gijón - Huelva - Las Palmas - Málaga - Marín y R. de Pont. - Melilla - Motril - Pasaia - S.C. Tenerife - Santander - Sevilla - Tarragona - Valencia - Vigo - Vilagarcía de Arousa

To film in yacht marinas or tourist resorts you will have to contact each one directly. Please visit the Spanish Federation of Associations of Tourist Marinas website which is made up of the Associations of Andalusia, the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Murcia, Valencia, Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria. The website features a map with all the ports of this type in Spain. To request further information on yacht marinas in the Basque country, please visit the following link.