What are the eligible expenses related to technical production and other providers?

The eligible technical production and provider costs are those carried out within Spanish territory and detailed below;

  • Executive producer, producer and production assistant.
  • Set design team expenses which have not been attributed as creative expenses and include: the set designer, decorators, florists, decoration assistant, set decorator, prop manager, carpenters etc. This also includes any equipment necessary for set design (construction materials, carpentry, paint, fabric etc).
  • Costume and characterisation expenses: tailors, hairstylists, make-up artists etc. Costume, make-up and wig expenses etc are also eligible.
  • Special effects equipment including special effects technicians, model makers etc, as well as pyrotechnic material, smoke-producing equipment, combustion accelerants, detonators, fire extinguishers.
  • Camera team (camera operators, dolly grips, assistants etc) lighting and sound team.
  • Technical telecommunications team, maintenance and image control team and any expenses derived from mobile phone connections, internet and satellite connections.
  • Second team of artists: extras, action doubles, performing and lighting extras.
  • Complementary staff: choreographers, weapon handlers, military advisers, dialogue coaches, animal trainers, drivers, cleaning professionals, security professionals, medical and ambulance professionals, safety in the workplace supervisor on set, workmen for unloading trucks and moving technical equipment and props.
  • Room and board for the technical team during pre and post production as well as during the production itself.
  • Room and board for the technical team working in a different location to the shoot: staff in charge of advance scouting for props, locations, production and drivers for transit.
  • Transport and/or transfer of people, within national territory: locations and casting
  • Rent and/or purchase of furniture and machinery directly related to the production: marquees, sunshades, portable tables, fences, generators etc.
  • Shop and location rental for the shoot and production.
  • Shoot fees payable to Town Halls.
  • Expenses incurred through renting animals, weapons or ambulances for the shoot.
  • Civil liability insurances with cover directly related to the film-making production.